How can I share applications in Blackboard Collaborate?

When using the Application Sharing feature, you can do the following:

  • Share application(s) running on your desktop
  • Share a region or your entire desktop
  • Have another person control your desktop or application
  • View and control another person’s desktop or application
  • Send a snapshot of the shared application to the whiteboard 
As the host, when you begin sharing an application and/or region, it (and all its content) will appear in the Application Sharing window of other session attendees. 
Quick Step for Sharing a Single Application
With this method, you can share one application only. If you use this approach to Application Sharing, you will not have an opportunity to change the options configured in the Hosting Options Preferences panel. The application you wish to share must be open on your desktop. 
  • Select Tools > Application Sharing > Share Application and then select the appropriate application from the list. (If you have two monitors, be sure the shared application is displayed in your primary monitor – otherwise, it will not be present in the list.)
  • The Application Sharing window will appear to other session attendees.
Sharing Your Desktop
To share your entire desktop, select Tools > Application Sharing > Share Entire Desktop.
Sharing One or More Applications
Using the Host Applications dialog, you can share a single application or multiple applications at the same time. The applications available for sharing are listed in a tree structure under the Applications tab of the Host Applications dialog. You can see which windows are open in each application by expanding the tree using the disclosure buttons or toggling the Expand All/Collapse All button. 

When you share an application or your desktop on a Mac, Linux or Solaris, by default your main view will be changed to the Narrow Minimal Layout and the Elluminate Live! window will be moved as far left as possible. When you share an application or your desktop on Windows, by default your main view will be changed to the Left Docked Minimal Layout. 

On all platforms, by default your shared application or region will have a yellow border around it, making it easy to identify on your screen. Attached to the border will be a controller (normally at the top) with buttons for stopping and pausing/resuming the application share and a button for sending a snapshot of the application sharing window to the Whiteboard. There is one exception: there will be no controller, and perhaps not even the border, if there is no room for them on your screen, such as when you are sharing the entire desktop.

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October 07, 2015

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