How do I add the Echo360 ALP LTI tool link to course content?

To Add the Echo360 ALP LTI tool link to course content:

  • Log in to Blackboard and navigate to a course.
  • Click on a Content area from the selections on the left menu.
  • Click Assessments, then select Echo360 ALP.

Echo 360 Screenshot

  • On the Create Echo360 ALP page, enter a name that makes it clear this is the link for Echo360 class content. This name will be the text of the link users will click to access their Echo360 content.
  • For Enable Evaluation, select Yes and configure the following fields:
    • Points Possible: This does not affect the data sent from Echo360, but since most metrics are sent as percentages, we recommend entering 100.
    • Visible to Students: Set at your discretion.
    • Due Date: Leave this blank unless you have a reason to change them.
  • Configure the other options as necessary, being sure that Permit Users to View this Content is set to Yes.
  • Click Submit. The link should now appear (with the given name) in your chosen Content page.

Echo 360 Screenshot

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October 27, 2017

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