How do I add files to my Blackboard site?

File attachments may be added to different places in a Course. For example, to an Item, an Assignment, or a File in a Learning Module. There are two options for adding file attachments:

  • You can browse for the contents in local computer and attach.
  • If there are any documents in the content system, you can attach to the existing item or assignment by selecting Link to Content Collection Item from the course and browse for appropriate content in content system.

When uploading content to Blackboard the concept of 'Accessibility' should always be your primary concern. If you are uploading Powerpoint or Word files into your site you are working under the assumption that all students enrolled in your class will have access to the Microsoft Office Suite. In order to ensure maximum accessibility it is always a good idea to use HTML and PDF formats whenever possible.

Make sure to name your documents properly. Filenames should be reasonably short, generally not longer than about 20-25 characters, and should not contain spaces or special characters (especially problematic are !:$#/&\,*?;%=). Stick to letters, digits, dashes and underscores and you will have no problems. Uploading problems may also stem from bandwidth limitations from your ISP, and impatient users - don't click elsewhere while uploading a file, but wait for the "content successfully added" notification.

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August 28, 2013

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