How do I add a UIC favicon to my Google Site?

A favicon is a small icon that displays at the top of a web browser to identify a page as part of a particular website or group of websites.You can add the UIC favicon to your Google site so that it identifies your site as part of UIC.

  1. Right click on the UIC favicon link to download. (Note: Do not change the favicon’s file name)
  2. On your UIC Google site, click More > Manage Site.
    UIC Google Site Manage Site
  3. Click on Attachments.
    UIC Google Site Attachment
  4. Click Upload and navigate to the folder where you saved the favicon and select it.
    UIC Google Site Upload
  5. After refreshing, your Google Site should have the UIC favicon.
    UIC Google Site, now with favicon!

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Last updated: 

November 21, 2013

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