How do I burn a CD on MacOS X?

If you are trying to burn a copy of an existing CD/DVD, you will need to make an image of the original CD/DVD and burn the image to a blank CD/DVD.

  1. Put the original CD/DVD into your Mac and open the Disk Utility.
  2. On the left side in the Disk Utility, you should see the original CD/DVD title appear under the name of your disk drive. Highlight the CD/DVD name and click the 'New Image' icon to create the new image.
  3. When the image has been saved to your computer, eject the original CD/DVD.
  4. Insert a blank CD/DVD. In the Disk Utility, highlight the name of the image you want burned onto your new media. If the image you just created does not show up in the Disk Utility, just locate it on your Mac and drag-and-drop it into the Disk Utility.
  5. Click the 'Burn' icon to burn the image.

Make a New Data CD/DVD:

  1. Insert your blank CD/DVD into your Mac and you will be prompted about what action to take on the blank media. Choose the 'Open Finder' option. This will allow you to drag-and-drop files to your media.
  2. Click 'OK' and the disk should appear on your desktop. Double-click the CD/DVD to open it, and drag-and-drop files and folders onto the disk.
  3. When you are done, click the 'Burn' button located in the upper right corner of the CD/DVD window.
  4. Enter a name for your disk and select the burn speed.
  5. Click 'Burn' to burn your data CD/DVD.

Make a New Audio CD:
Apple has instructions for burning a high-quality audio CD using iTunes. Their instructions can be found here.

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February 07, 2012

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