How do I cancel Res-Net?

If you are leaving the dorms, you need to cancel your Res-Net connection to avoid any additional monthly charges.  Your connection will remain active until we receive a request from you to cancel it. You are responsible for all charges related to your Res-Net connection until the connection is cancelled.  Cancellation takes place immediately after the request to cancel is sent.

Remember it is your responsibility to cancel all telephone services (Voice Mail, & Caller ID) that are activated upon leaving the residence hall for 30 or more days to avoid continuous charges.

 A direct link to Res-Net cancellation can be found by clicking on the link below:

Res-Net Cancellation

Res-Net charges are part of the Campus Housing contract. Campus Housing charges residents $40.00 per semester for Res-Net. Please contact Campus Housing directly regarding opting-out or opting-in after cancellation of Res-Net.

Contact information:

Campus Housing Office:  312-355-6300

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May 02, 2012

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