How do I change my backup inclusion and exclusion criteria in the TSM Backup Client?

You can set up rules in the backup client preferences menus to include or exclude certain types of files or certain locations on your computer.

  1. Select Edit then Client Preferences, then click the Include-Exclude tab.
  2. If you use Firefox browser, you should add its cache. Click Add...
    ADSM include exclude preferences
  3. Fill out the Define Include-Exclude Options dialog box.
    ADSM Include Exclude Preferences Options
    • Select Backup from the Category dropdown list.
    • Select Exclude.Dir from the Type dropdown list.
    • Type: /.../Library/Application Support/Firefox/.../Cache in the File or Pattern box. (Or cut -and-paste.) Note that there are no quotation marks.
    • Click OK. Note that the added Exclude rule has quotation marks; it's at the bottom of the list in the picture above.
    • Make sure what gets added looks exactly like the bottom statement in the illustration:
      EXCLUDE.DIR "/.../Library/Application Support/Firefox/.../Cache"
      If it doesn't match exactly -- except for case -- you probably won't be able to open TSM.

Here is a brief explanation of what the wildcard characters mean:

  • * matches at least 1 of any character
  • ? matches exactly 1 of any character except /
  • /... matches matches zero or more directories; if it is used at the beginning of a filename, it can include a volume name>

So, an example:

	EXCLUDE /.../*.doc
	INCLUDE "Volumes/La Pomme/Documents/*.doc"

Means "exclude all files that end in '.doc'", except "the include the files that end in .doc in the Documents folder of the La Pomme volume."

After you make the modifications to your include-exclude list, you can use the Preview Include-Exclude ... command in the Utilities menu in TSM Client to see which files will be sent to ADSM.

Preview opens a window on which you choose the type of function you're testing. That is always Backup at UIC. Then you can select whether you want to test Include, Exclude, or the default, All. In the lower half of the window is the kind of directory tree you will see when you backup using TSM. Use Local to select Macintosh HD (or whatever you normally run backups on). At the bottom, you'll see the name of the file where the results will be written into: /Library/Logs/tivoli/tsm/dsmprev.txt Click OK.

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June 29, 2015

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