How do I configure my softphone?

Voicemail Options

You have the ability to turn on email notifications or disable them. Simply toggle on your email address, or the word OFF to disable. Furthermore you can choose to include the sound files in the message, or turn that functionality off and check the messages through the softphone portal, or using the phone itself.

Softphone Simulring Options

You have the ability to add on additional phone numbers that will ring when people call your personal softphone number. This simulring functionality allows you to be reachable anywhere. (Please note, answering a call that is simulringing using a cell phone or another device will count against the device's minutes).

Softphone Ring Seconds Options

By default your softphone voicemail will pick up after 20 seconds of ringing. This setting may need to be adjusted depending upon the number of devices you are choosing to simulring, as well as their associated voicemail pickup settings. If you wish to have all voicemail routed to your softphone voicemail box then you may wish to set the simulring volume to a second value that will ensure the softphone voicemail picks up before your cellphone voicemail does.

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October 25, 2012

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