How do I connect to UIC-WiFi using Symbian?

You need to be on campus to do this, near a UIC-WiFi access point. Important: Where the instructions and the screenshots differ, use the settings given in the instructions.

  1. Go to Menu, then Settings, then Connectivity, then Settings, then Destinations and press Access Point.

    access point

  2. When it asks “Automatically check for available access points”, press No.
    auto check available access points
  3. When it asks what type of Access point, press Wi-Fi.
  4. Type UIC as the Wi-Fi Network Name.
    network name
  5. For Network Mode/Status, select Infrastructure (Public).
    network mode
  6. For Security Mode, select WPA/WPA2.
    security mode
  7. When it asks Select Destination, select Internet.
  8. After you select the Internet destination, and you will see the UIC Access point.
    uic access point
  9. Press UIC and enter the following settings:
    • Connection name: UIC
    • Data bearer: WiFi
    • WiFi network name: UIC-WiFi
    • Network status: Public
    • WiFi network node: Infrastructure
  10. Next, press Wifi Security settings.
  11. Select EAP Plug-In Settings.
  12. Check the box that says EAP-PEAP and uncheck the rest.
  13. Press EAP-PEAP.
  14. Press Authority Certificate and select Addtrust External CA.
    • Where it says Username in use, select User Defined.
    • Under Username, type in your N=NetID.
  15. Now press the Arrow on the top right corner.
  16. Check the box that says EAP-MSCHAPv2 (or MSCHAPv2) and uncheck everything else (note this is different from the screenshot).
  17. PressEAP-MSCHAPv2 (or MSCHAPv2).
  18. Under Username, type your NetID.
  19. Under password, type your ACCC common password.
  20. That is it! You can now access UIC-WiFi with your Symbian Device!
  • These instructions and screenshots were written/produced by UIC student Odai Jaber. His original article is How To Access UIC WiFi with your Nokia Symbian Device! (With Pictures), were there are larger images. (But keep in mind that you should connect to UIC-WiFi rather than UIC-Wireless.) Thank you very much.
  • This has only been tested on a few devices. Other devices may appear slightly different from the screenshots shown.
  • Please send a note to if you have any questions or further comments.

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September 20, 2016

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