How do I create a link to Echo360 ALP in the left navigation?

To Create a Link to Echo360 ALP in the left navigation:

Some students will find it easier to locate Echo360 content if a link to it is more obvious. In addition, the Safari browser has exhibited some issues when trying to open Echo360 sections and content within the Blackboard frames. Users can right-click this link to open Echo360 in a new tab/window.

To configure a left-navigation link to the Echo360 ALP assessments tool link:

  • Log in to Blackboard, and navigate to the course where you want to add the left-navigation link.
  • Click the Plus Sign (+) located above the Course navigation list, and select Course Link from the menu.
  • From the Add Course Link dialog box that appears, select Browse next to the Location text box.
  • A popup box appears showing all course links available to select.
  • If necessary, expand the Content folder to show the Echo360 Assessments link created using the instructions previously performed above.
  • Click the Echo360 ALP content item listed there.
  • Edit the Name of the course link if necessary (this is the text that will appear for the link in the left navigation).
  • Enable the Available to Users checkbox.
  • Click Submit.

Echo 360 Screenshot

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October 27, 2017

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