How do I create a new session and modify participants in Blackboard Collaborate?


Creating a new event and adding participants
1. Name Your Session: Add a session name for course site organization purposes.
2. Schedule: Update the session schedule based on date and time (start and end time).  Under advanced settings you can indicate if it is a repeating session and set the boundary time (how early an individual can join the session before the start time - default boundary time is 30 minutes). 
3.  Session Access (Optional): Set access to "course", "shared" (for multiple courses) and "public" and set a password if necessary.
  • Course - Session is only available to those enrolled in the course.
  • Shared - Session can be made available for multiple courses on campus.
    • Session settings: Automatically opens session for the course it is created in, session can be opened for other courses by selecting the Available Courses (you must be enrolled in the other courses to add them to the Selected Courses area).                  
  • Public - Makes session available to all associated with Blackboard at UIC. Session Attributes:
    • Recording Mode -
      • Manual = Recording begins when started manually within the session.
      • Automatic = Recording starts  automatically when session begins.
      • Disabled = Recording does not take place during the session.
    • Simultaneous Talkers - Number of people allowed to talk at the same time.
    • Supervised = Session takes place in supervised mode.
    • All Permissions = Gives participants all permissions by default.
    • Raise Hand on Entry = Participants have hand raised automatically when entering the session.
4. Session Moderators & Participants (Optional): If you would like to restrict access to groups of students you can add specific students to an Elluminate Live! session by checking "Restrict Participants".
5. Session Attributes (Optional): Adjust your recording options and set simultaneously talkers.
6.  Teleconferencing Instructions (Optional): If there is also a teleconference you can include instructions here.
7. Submit.

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