How do I fix a PASSWORDACCESS error when running a backup with ADSM?

If you get error messages like:

11/07/2012 13:55:12 ANS1835E PASSWORDACCESS is GENERATE, but password needed for server 'ADSM'.

Either the password is not stored locally, or it was changed at the server.

You didn't properly initiate Password Generate.

  1. Change your ADSM password using the ACCC password changing utility. Do not change your ACCC Common password. Press Click here to change your ADSM password link on the bottom right to change your ADSM password.
  2. Then log into TSM for Administrators with your new ADSM password, then quit TSM.

Just logging into TSM for administrators resets Password Generate and should take care of that error message.

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Last updated: 

June 29, 2015

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