How do I get my network access unsuspended?

Devices connected to Res-Net, UIC-WiFi, eduroam, and the other UIC campus networks have a daily network usage limit that is detailed in Acceptable Use Policy for Res-Net and the UIC Public Wireless Networks.

The first time that you exceed that daily limit you receive a warning via email. The second time you exceed the daily limit of bandwidth usage, your account will  automatically suspended for according to the schedule Acceptable Use Policy for Res-Net and the UIC Public Wireless Networks. (It will be automatically unsuspended at the end of the suspension period.) For each subsequent suspension durn the same academic year, you will receive longer suspension periods. 

If you have been suspended for bandwidth violation, you must take the following action:

  • Contact the ACCC at 312-413-0003.  A representative will be able to inform you as to what action to take in clearing this suspension, but WILL NOT discuss the nature of the violation over the phone.

You may also have your account suspended if your computer/device has been compromised and/or infected with a virus. In order to get unsuspended you must have your computer cleaned:

  • You can visit the ACCCeSS Helpdesk.
  • Or you can attempt to clean the computer yourself by downloading the tools that the ACCC provides in the WebStore. After you have cleaned up your computer following the instructions provided on the CD, you call 312-413-0003 to have your machine unsuspended. Please note that you will be automatically be suspended again if you did not clean your machine completely.

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Last updated: 

January 30, 2013

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