How do I install Office 365 on an iPad

1. Open Safari browser on your iPad and Go to

2. Sign in using your UIC email and password.

3. Click “Phone and Tablet

4. Select “iPad” on the drop down and click Get Apps.

Note: You will be redirected to Office Mobile website.

5. On the Office for Mobile webpage, Scroll down and you will see the links to install Office one by one.

6. Click on the “Word” link.

Tip: If you are viewing this page on an iPad using Safari, Simply click on these links below to install the applications one by one:

Word - Install Word

Powerpoint - Powerpoint

Excel - Excel

OneNote - OneNote

OWA for iPad - OWA

OneDrive for iPad - OneDrive

7. After tapping on the “Word” link, you will be redirected to the iTunes store. To download and install the application, tap on the Get and Install button from the iTunes store page.

NOTE: You may be prompted to enter your AppleID Password.

8.  Verify that the application has been installed by going to your Home Screen and looking for the Office icons.

9. Sign in and enter your UIC Email Address and ACCC Common Password to Activate.




Click “Open” to “Add a Place” or to connect to a Cloud or Sharepoint Service.

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July 14, 2015

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