How do I monitor my job on Argo?

A job may not run and will queue (wait) if the requested resources are unavailable or if the request exceeds a defined limit for the user or for the queue. The qstat command tells you if the job is running, where it is running, and for how long. It will also tell you if the job is not running. 

Sample output #1:

   Job id  Name      User      Time Used S Queue
   ------  ----   ---------    --------  - ----- 
   1232    my_job1   jsmith    192:34:2  R staff
   1233    my_job2   jsmith    192:31:5  R staff
   1252    my_job3   bob1             0  Q student_long

The two jobs owned by user jsmith are running, so indicated by the R (for running) in the S (Status) column. The job, my_job3 owned by the student bob1, is queued, so indicated by the Q in the status column.

Sample output #2 (edited somewhat to fit the document):

JobID Username  Queue    Jobname  SessID NDS TSK Time  S Time
----- -------   -------- -------- ------ --- --- ----- - -----
1232  jsmith    staff    my_job1  31047  1   1   720:0 R 193:0
1233  jsmith    staff    my_job2  28986  1   1   720:0 R 192:5
1252  bob1      student_ my_job3     --  4   1   240:0 Q   --  

Sample output #3:

Job ID  Username Queue  Jobname  SessID NDS TSK Memory Time  S Time
------  -------- ------ -------- ------ --- --- ------ ---- -- ----
1232    jsmith   staff  my_job1  31047   1   1    --   720:0 R 193:1

Some permutations of the qstat command:

Show me all jobs in the system (a) and the nodes allocated to the job (n): 

qstat -an

Show me all of my jobs (u NetID) submitted to the system (running or queued): 

qstat -u NetID

Show me information regarding a particular job (jobid): 

qstat -f jobid

More information about the 'qstat' command can be found on the manual page by typing 'man qstat'.

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