How do I obtain a UIC NetID?

A UIC network ID, or NetID, is a public identifier used for authentication to many services provided by the ACCC as well as many University of Illinois computing and networking services.  The NetID is not a password and it is not an account itself but it is required in order to access ACCC and University services.


Student NetIDs are automatically assigned when a student is admitted to UIC. Graduate students, please note that college admission letters may sometimes be sent ahead of a university admission process. A UIC NetID will not be assigned until university admission takes place. When your university admission process begins, you may activate your NetID.

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff can self-select their NetID via the UI New Hire process.  The NetID must be a minimum of 3 characters and maximum of 8, using letters and numbers only. Once chosen, a NetID cannot be easily changed, so choose carefully.

Guest affiliates

Units that wish to obtain UIC NetIDs for guests should contact

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October 16, 2016

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