How do I reserve equipment for classroom use?

The Learning Environments & Technology Services office provides provides equipment and service reservations both for UIC academic courses, and for special events. We have many types of equipment available for loan, please see below for the full listing. There is no charge for academic course-related equipment reservations. Charges do apply for special events. These charges will be discussed on an individual basis once the LETS staff receives your reservation request and follows up with you regarding the needs of the event. For both Special Event and Course Reservations, CFOAP information is required for UIC affiliates to make charges against (either for reservation costs, or for repair/replacement costs in the case of damage while the equipment is checked out).

Submitting Reservations:

To proceed with submitting a reservation request, please complete our Reservation Form.

If you wish to request an Overhead Projector for the semester, please fill out this simpler form instead.

Please be aware that we require 48-hour notice for equipment and service reservations. For late orders, please call our office and we will accommodate the request if possible. There is a late order charge for Special Event reservations.

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January 02, 2013

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