How do I save files on lab computers?

ACCC is not responsible for data lost in public labs. Lab computers are not a file storage option: any data saved locally can be assumed to be lost permanently upon logging out. The same is true for documents lost due to a software crash.  To minimize the possibility of lost data, SAVE your work early and often to a permanent device! 

To save files in ACCC labs, please use one of the following:

  • portable USB drive
  • personal Webdisk (network storage)
  • GoogleApps@UIC: create and save your work via these web apps for reliable retrieval from any computer

If you have lost a file in a public lab and still would like us to attempt to retrieve it, please contact a lab monitor immediately or - include the name of the ACCC lab computer (e.g., P401042) and your NetID.  There is no guarantee that your file will be retrievable.

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Last updated: 

September 21, 2016

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