How do I send my voicemails to my email?

This system allows several options for receiving voicemails. You can have email notifications sent to your inbox. These emails can have links to the files or attachments of the files. The commands listed in the table below toggle the functions on or off.

Be aware, however, that sound files could fill up your inbox and cause you to exceed your space quota if the messages are not deleted regularly. Deleting sound files from your inbox does not delete them from your voicemail’s storage.

In order to turn on voicemail to email pick up your phone receiver and dial 8-5002. Additional Voicemail to Email Commands are listed below

Voicemail to Email Commands
85002 Turns email notification on or off
85003 Turns links in email on or off
85004 Turns wav email attachments on or off


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October 03, 2012

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