How do I set up and use my VoIP phone?

Your VoIP phone has a web based user interface called Cisco CallManager that allows you to program speed dials, forward calls, and perform several other functions related to customizing your settings. To activate this feature you will need to authenticate and then you will be passed to a second page where you will be prompted to confirm your common password. This step is necessary to synchronize your common password with your telephone. Please activate your account to allow for phone configuration.

For more information about your address book and speed dial, please see the Cisco CallManager.

Cisco 7960 and 7961 Phone Features

Soft Keys (ones that show on the screen)
AbbrDial Dial using a speed dial index number
Barge Add yourself on a shared line
CallBack Receive notification when a busy line becomes available
cBarge Add yourself to a call on a shared line and establish a conference call
CFwdALL Setup/cancel call forwarding
ConfList View conference participants
Confrn Creates a conference call
DirTrfr Trans
GPickUp Answer a call on another extension outside your group
Join Join several calls on one line to create a conference call
MeetMe Host a Meet-Me conference call
Park Store a call using Call Park
PickUp Answer a call on another extension in your group
Private Allow/disallow others from viewing or barging calls on a shared line
Resume Resume a call on hold
Search Search for a directory listing
Transfer Transfer a call
Update Refresh content and get the latest information

messages Check voicemail messages
services Services
help Help
directories Directories/call history
settings Settings

Transferring a Call
If you want to... Then...
Transfer a call During a connected call, press Transfer and enter the target number. When you hear the call ringing, hang up or press Transfer and hang up.
Transfer two current calls to each other ("direct transfer") Scroll to each target call on the line and press Select. From one of the selected calls, press more>DirTrfr. To stay on the line with callers, use Join to create a conference call instead.

Using Call Forward
If you want to... Then...
Set up call forwarding for your primary line Press CFwdALL and enter a target phone number
Set up or cancel call forwarding from your computer (for any line) Log in to your User Options web page and choose Forward all calls...from the main menu
Cancel forwarding Press CFwdALL

Viewing and Dialing Calls
If you want to... Then...
View your call logs Press the Directories button>Missed Calls, Received Calls, or Placed Calls.
Dial from a call log Scroll to the listing from the call log, edit the number (if needed) and go off-hook
Edit a number in a call log Press EditDial followed by <<or>> to reposition the cursor or erase digits.
Dial from a corporate directory Press the Directories button>Corporate Directory. Enter the first few letters and press Search. Then scroll to a listing and go off-hook.
Place a call while another call is active Press New Call. The original call is placed on hold automatically.

Making Conference Calls
If you want to... Then...
Start a standard conference call by calling participants During a connected call, press more>Confrn to add another party to the call. Dial the participant's number. After connecting, press Confrn again. Repeat to add each participant.
Invite current callers to join a standard conference call Scroll to each target call on the line and press Select. From a selected call, press more>Join.
View a list of participants Choose an active conference and press ConfList. An * indicates the initiator
Remove a participant from the conference If you are the conference initiator, you can press RmLstC or scroll to a name in the conference list and press Remove.

Cisco 7912 Phone Features

Soft Keys (ones that show on the screen)
Redial Lets you redial the last number that you dialed
New Call Make a new call
Message Access your voicemail
CFwdALL Setup/cancel call forwarding
QRT Submit call problems to the system administrator
GPickUp Answer a call on another extension outside your group
PickUp Answer a call on another extension in your group

Voicemail Main Menu
1 Play inbox messages
2 Play saved messages
3 Change password
4 Playback personal greeting
5 Record personal greeting
6 Access personal distribution groups

Play Control Keys
* Returns to top menu or to message header
# Skips message header or goes to Message Handling Menu
1 Rewind
11 Rewind to the beginning
2 Pause/Rewind
3 Fast Forward
33 Fast Forward to the end

Message Handling Control Menu
* Returns to top menu
# Next message
4 Replay message
6 Forward
7 Delete
8 Reply
9 Save
88 Call originator


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