How do I set up my voicemail on campus?

When you access your mailbox for the first time, a user tutorial is automatically activated. This tutorial will guide you through your first mailbox session; explaining how to record a greeting, your name and prompt you to change your temporary security code.


You will be asked to record a greeting that callers will hear when they call your extension.

Security Code

You will always be prompted for your security code before accessing your mailbox. The first time you access your mailbox you will use a temporary security code. During the tutorial, you will be prompted to change your security code. Please define a security code (keep confidential) that you can remember, but do not use redundant numbers.

To Setup Your Mailbox for the First Time

When you enter your mailbox for the first time, you will hear a welcome message. The UIC Voicemail System will ask you to:

  • Record your name
  • Record your personal greeting
  • Establish security code

You will need the following numbers to access the voice mail system:

  • Voice Mail Systems' Access Number
  • Mailbox Number (campus extension)
  • Security Code

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October 02, 2012

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