How do I setup Exchange Online for use with - Outlook (Mac)?

Office 365 (Outlook Client) - Outlook 2011/2016 (Mac) Setup

These steps may differ slightly between versions of Outlook and Mac OS X. Differences may also exist between campus and personal computers.

Setting Up Office 365

Connect Outlook on a Mac with Office 365 by following the instructions below.

1. Open Outlook for Mac.

2. Open the Tools menu and click Accounts.

3. Create a new account.

New Outlook users without a profile should

        Click Exchange Account under Add an Account.

Outlook users with an existing profile should

        Click +.
        Click Exchange.

4. Complete the Account Information fields using the info below.

E-mail address: Enter your UIC email address (i.e.,

Method: Ensure "User Name and Password" is selected

User name: Enter your UIC email address (i.e.,

Password: Enter your ACCC Common password

5. Check Configure automatically (if necessary) and click Add Account.

6. Enter “” in the Server field if prompted to do so.

7. Check Always use my response for this server and click Allow.

8. Complete the Account Description and Name fields using the info below.

Account Description: Enter "Office 365"
Name: Enter your name as you would like it to appear in your emails

9. Verify the rest of the information matches what you entered in Step 5 and exit the Accounts screen.

10. Wait a few moments as Outlook syncs your mail, settings, and other data.

11. Outlook is now ready to be used with your Office 365 account!

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August 01, 2017

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