How do I Share/Accept a calendar in O365?

Share your calendar from Outlook on Windows

NOTE: Instructions will be similar depending on which version of Outlook you're running, though the pictures may look slightly different.
1.  Before someone can view your calendar, you must first give them permissions to do so. To do this, open Outlook and click on the calendar view on the bottom left of Outlook.
2.  Select and highlight Calendar from your calendar list on the left side of Outlook calendar view.
3.  From the top ribbon bar, click on Calendar Permissions. The Calendar Properties box will appear. Click the Add button.
4.The Add Users box will appear. In the Address Book field, select Global Address List from the drop-down menu. In the Search box, type the last name of the person you want to view your calendar. Click the Go button.  Highlight the name in the results and click twice. It will appear next to the Add button. Click OK.
5. The Calendar Properties box will appear. By default, the person you have chosen to view your calendar will only have Free/Busy time permission. This allows him or her to only see that you are busy or free and does not allow them to see or add details of an appointment. To give more permissions, click on the Permission Level drop-down menu, choose the level of permission, and click Apply and/or OK. You’ll be able to see what different permission levels do by selecting them before you click Apply and OK. Boxes are checked under Read and Write, depending on the level of permission.
Now the person whom you shared your calendar with will be able to open your calendar.

Share your Calendar in the Outlook App for Android

1. Open up the outlook app on your phone or mobile device and click on the calendar icon at the bottom.

2. Click on the menu button in the upper left-hand corner.


3.  Click on the gear-shaped icon next to the calendar you want to share.  By default, it will likely be called simply "calendar".


6.  Click on "Add People".


7.  Start typing the name or netID/email address of the person you want to share your calendar with.  When you locate them, click on their name.

8.  Select the permissions you'd like this person to have and then click on the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.


9.  Click the check mark when done.

NOTE: The above steps can be completed multiple times to share your calendar with multiple people.

Share your Calendar from

1.  Log into as

2.  Click on the calendar icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

3.  Click on "Share" to share your default calendar.

4.  Type the name or netID of the person you want to share your calendar with.  When they appear, click on their name.

5.  Select the level of permissions you'd like them to have from the dropdown menu

6.  Click on "Share"

7.  Click on "Done" when you've added as many users as you'd like.


Requesting Access to a Calendar.

NOTE: This is only available in Outlook.

1: Shift to the Calendar view with clicking the Calendar on the Navigation Pane.

2: Right click the calendar that belongs to your exchange account, and then select the Share > Share Calendar from the right-clicking menu. See screen shot:

Note: In Outlook 2007, please right click the calendar of exchange account, and select the Share “Calendar” from the right-clicking menu.

3: Then you will get into the Sharing request: Calendar – Share window:

  1. In the To field, enter email address of the exchange user whose calendar you are about to ask for permission to access;
  2. Check the option of Request permission to view recipient’s Calendar.
  3. It’s optional to check the option of Allow recipient to view your calendar.

4: Compose this sharing request email, and then click the Send button.

Note: If the recipient allow you to access his/her calendar, you will receive an email with the accessing permission. Open or preview this email, and you can access the recipient’s calendar with clicking the Open this Calendar at the top of this email. See screen shot:


Accepting a Shared Calendar.

You can view all of your shared calendars on any device or calendar application. If someone changes a shared calendar, all other people sharing the calendar will see the changes instantly. You'll also notice performance improvements when viewing and editing shared calendars. Using a shared calendar will be as fast and reliable as managing your own calendar.

NOTE:  This does NOT currently work if you accept the shared calendar with the Outlook app on your PC/Mac. Furthermore, if you shared your calendar with people before these changes were enabled, they won't have these improvements automatically. To upgrade your existing shared calendars to the new shared calendar experience, follow the instructions in this section under Recreating an existing shared calendar to take advantage of these new features.  If, however, you are using IOS/Android/OWA calendar changes will be instantly synced across devices provided the owner and recipient of the calendar is on or O365.


You can accept shared calendars in one of two ways:

  1. Receive a sharing invitation via email and click the Accept button.

    To add a shared calendar via the new model, you must accept the email invitation from Outlook on the web, iOS, or Android. Accepting from Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Mac won't upgrade the calendar to the new model.

  2. Open the calendar by searching the directory for the calendar owner. Opening a shared calendar from the directory or address book will add the calendar via the old model of sharing.


Recreating an existing shared calendar to take advantage of these new features.

  1. Ask the owner to re-share the calendar to you. They can do this from any Outlook application, even Outlook for iOS or Android!

  2. Accept the shared calendar invitation using Outlook on the web, iOS, or Android. It's important that you accept the invitation from Outlook on the web, iOS, or Android. If you accept the invitation using Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Mac, the shared calendar will not be enabled with these improvements. You don’t need to remove any existing shared calendars before re-accepting.


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