How do I uninstall Windows statistical software?

Most statistics applications obtained through UIC require you to uninstall their previous version before installing their new version. Should you leave the university, you are legally required to remove any statistical software that you purchased through ACCC. If none of the standard methods for renewing the license for your product works properly, a fail-safe method that always works is to uninstall the application, and re-install it with the new licensing information.

Before uninstalling a Windows application, check the application's folder (and the sub-folders) for any of your personal work files (data, programs, output). Copy those files into another directory so that they will not be accidentally erased during the uninstall.

On a Windows machine, you should always uninstall software via the Add/Remove Programs utility of the Control Panel, as in:

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • Add/Remove Programs
  • Choose the application you wish to remove
  • Press Remove

Do not simply delete the application directory. The Windows operating system has a structure called the Registry, which contains thousands of details about how an application should be run. If an application's Registry settings remain on the machine when the application's .dll files have been deleted, you will experience major system errors. The Add/Remove Programs utility makes certain that the Registry settings have been properly removed.

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February 20, 2012

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