How do I use ScaLapack?

The ScaLAPACK (Scalable LAPACK) is a linear algebra library for parallel computers. Routines are available to solve the linear system A*x=b, or to find the matrix eigensystem, for a variety of matrix types.

Example command

pgf77 source_file.f -Mscalapack

The -Mscalapack optiuon causes the following libraries, all of which are installed in /usr/common/pgi/linux86/5.2/lib, to be linked in to your executable:

  • scalapack.a
  • blacsCinit_MPI-LINUX-0.a
  • blacs_MPI-LINUX-0.a
  • blacsF77init_MPI-LINUX-0.a
  • libblas.a
  • libmpich.a

Additional Information

The ScaLAPACK Project

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September 24, 2012

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