How do I use the VoIP voicemail system?

To set up voicemail, press the messages button. It will prompt you for a new password. The system will disconnect you. You should then reenter the system with your new password. You will be able to set your options. You will also record a new greeting using the mailbox options submenus shown below.

Asterisk Voicemail Commands - Main Menu
1 New messages
2 Change folders
0 Mailbox options


Press 1 - New Messages Submenu
1 Skip message intro
4 Play previous message
5 Repeat
7 Delete
8 Forward
9 Save
* Help
# Exit


Press 2 - Change Folders Submenu
0 Switch to new messages
1 Switch to old messages
2 Switch to Work messages
3 Switch to Family messages
4 Switch to Friend messages


Press 0 - Mailbox Options Submenu
1 Record unavailable message
2 Record busy message
3 Record name
4 Record temporary greeting
5 Change password
* Return to main menu


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October 28, 2015

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