How does the U-Print system work?

Once a print job is released from a U-Print station, it is removed from the print queue and cannot be reprinted. Print jobs left in the print queue for more than 4 hours will be deleted.

U-Print allows you to choose when and where your jobs print.

  1. Submit print jobs from the ACCC lab computers, or from your own computer or mobile device.
  2. To print the job, go to the U-Print station that is next to the printer in the lab that you want to print your job.
  3. Log in to the U-Print station using your UIC NetID and password.
  4. After you successfully log in, a list of all jobs that you have submitted for printing and that are still in the print queue will be displayed. Your U-Print balance will also be displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
  5. You now have the option of printing or deleting the jobs listed in the queue.
    1. Click on a print job to see (in the lower left hand corner of the screen) the number of pages for the job and its cost.
    2. Select a job and click Print to print it or Delete to delete the job without printing.
      • If the cost of the job that you are trying to print is equal to or less than your U-Print free quota, you will be able to print the job and your balance will be adjusted.
      • If the cost of the job exceeds your balance, even by a few cents, the excess cost will be taken out of your UIC Dragon Dollar$ balance. If you do not have any Dragon Dollar$, you will need to purchase additional Dragon Dollar$.
    3. The job you selected for printing will start to print.
    4. After you print one job, you can print or delete other print jobs in the queue, if you want.
    5. Before releasing additional jobs to print, make sure the first job prints successfully. Once jobs are released, they're no longer available from other U-Print stations. If the printer malfunctions or has quality issues with the paper or toner, you will not be able to reprint those jobs elsewhere.
    6. Click Exit when you are done.
  6. Pick up your paper from the printer.

There is a time-out of 20 seconds at the print station, after which you will be logged off.

We strongly advise that you confirm that the printer is working and that job quality is adequate before releasing more than one print job. The ACCC will not process refund requests in situations where multiple jobs were submitted and no effort was made to check that the printer was functioning and/or that the output quality was adequate.

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September 21, 2016

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