How to Import an ICS file into Outlook

Todays post will detail how to import an ICS file into Outlook. The Notes client will allow you to export into an ICS File. This post will show the procedure for importing this into Outlook 2010.

  1. Click File then Open and Import
  2. Import from an iCalendar (ics) or vCalendar (vcs) File
    Outlook import wizard
  3. Browse to the path containing your ICS File.
  4. Click Open as New.

Whilst you can directly import the information into your primary calendar, I would not recommend this approach. If you have items in the ICS file that you do not want imported, or if the items do not appear as you would like them to, then it is a pain to go through your main calendar and remove them. By importing them into a new calendar, you can verify that they are the expected items.

View this new calendar and ensure that the information and appointments are correct.

To Copy these items to your primary calendar:

  1. Click View Menu, then Change View, and select List.
  2. You may need to repeat this step, as Outlook will sometimes switch back to the default view. If this occurs, simply select the imported calendar under “Other Calendars” and repeat the view change.
  3. You can then delete or modify calendar entries as you deem fit. When complete, then select all the items in the list, and drag these to your primary calendar.
  4. Finally, right click on the ICS file, and click Delete Calendar, which will clean up your calendar view and remove the ICS File.

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May 10, 2013

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