How to Navigate Inside a WebEx Meeting

The Participant and Chat panels are on the right hand side. The Participant panel allows you to view participants who have come into the meeting, how they joined, and their audio connection. The Chat panel gives you and your participants the ability to communicate during the meeting.

Chat panel

The Quick Start tab at the top left hand corner provides you with options for starting your meeting quickly.

Connect Audio

When you click on More Options, a window appear with three audio connection options as shown below.

call using computer

You can connect via audio, quickly bring in data, and invite people to the session. For a quick audio connections, we recommend the “Using Computer for Audio” or the “Call Me” options.

Share Screen

To share your entire screen, click the Share Screen Icon. Or click on More Options below the Share Screen icon to access the Share Application menu popup.



Select the application you wish to share from the Share Application menu popup.

share application popup menu

The Meeting Info tab provides dial in, meeting number, and access code information.

Meeting info

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Last updated: 

January 29, 2018

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