I got a new computer / new hard drive. Can I retrieve files that I backed using the ADSM Service up from my old computer / hard drive?

Yes. Even if you get a new computer, you can continue to use your ADSM server name and your old node name with the network backup service on the new computer. Since you're using the same account, node name, you will have access to all your old files.

Restoring your files

  1. Once everything you need is backed up by the backup client, uninstall the TSM client.
  2. Ensure the old computer is locked out of your backup account by changing your ADSM password while moving to the new computer. (In some cases, such as if you forgot the old password, this is necessary anyway.)
  3. You can then restore files to your new computer after installing the backup client.

There is one quirk, though. If you are restoring files to a different computer or if you are restoring to a hard drive with a different label, then you can not select "Restore to Original location". Instead, you must select "Restore to Following location" and specify where to restore the files to.

Warning: Do NOT try to restore system files of old machine to the new machine. All PCs/Macs have their own system settings.

If your old computer is handed down to someone else, make sure that its new owner isn't using your ADSM setup. The new owner must register the machine themselves and get their own node name.

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June 29, 2015

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