I received the UIC Alert code but it's invalid.

Make sure you are entering the code in the form on the UIC Alert website. Replying to the text message with the code will not confirm your mobile phone.

Certain mobile phone fonts may make the code hard to read. We tried to compensate for common problems (like O vs. 0), but if it just doesn't work, please send email to consult@uic.edu and tell us what verification code you received. Note that you will always receive the same code for a particular mobile number.

Some mobile service providers will include additional header information such as sender and subject. The message will appear to originate from something like 36245 or 1110100058. Please read the body of the email to find the verification code we sent:

From: smsmail@uic.edu
Subject: SMS Verification Code

Enter XbtGQon the web page to verify this phone.

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September 14, 2016

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