I'm using the Network Backup Service with Mac OS X's Case Sensitive HFS+ file system, is there anything special I need to do?

If you are using Apple Mac OS X 10.3 and higher's Case Sensitive HFS+ file system with the TSM Mac client:

  • The client needs a writable error log. If a log isn't present, it will be opened under the name and permissions of the user who invokes the applications. It may mean that the user won't have permission and it won't run.
  • It is strongly recommended that you create any required logs (a) in a directory and (b) with proper permissions to allow all users on your Mac write access.

Also IBM says you must:

  • Ensure the new Case Sensitive HFS+ volume does not have the same name as existing TSM volumes for the node. Either the TSM volumes can be renamed on the TSM server, or the CS HFS+ volume can be renamed locally.

Before backing up any files in a Case Sensitive HFS+ filesystem:

  1. Install the newest version of TSM for your operating system.
  2. If the Case Sensitive HFS+ filesystem volume is the same name as an existing TSM volume, either rename that existing TSM volume or rename the new CS HFS+ volume, to prevent case sensitive files from being mixed with case preserving files.

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June 13, 2013

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