Is GoogleApps@UIC Gmail compatible with Listserv email lists?

Yes. You should receive all listserv messages in your new GoogleApps@UIC account as long as you are subscribed to the listserv using:

NOTE: Some UIC listservs may be "closed". They may either receive and send email only to addresses with host names that end with "", or they may receive and send email only to email address in their subscription list.

If you are subscribed to a listserv list with your address or if the listserv is limited to return addresses, you will not have any problems sending email from your GoogleApps@UIC account, because the UIC gmail email accounts use your email address as their return address by default.

However, receiving email that is sent to your at GoogleApps@UIC is not automatic, as mentioned above.

When you need to send a message to a listserv or reply such a list, be sure to select your the proper From address from the dropdown list in the "From" field before sending any email to the listserv. Also make sure that you have selected the "Reply from the same address the message was sent to" option.

Is my listserv open or closed?

Receiving email from a list at your GoogleApps@UIC account is no guarantee that you can send email to the list from that address.

There are many customization options for listserv lists, so each listserv list is unique. Because of this uniqueness, you will need to send a test message to individual listservs to check if they are open or closed. If the message that you send is sent back to you with an error message, you can probably assume that the list is "closed" and you will need to use your nickname when sending a message to that list.

Or if you send an email message to a list that you belong to, which is one that you normally get copies of your posts from, then that list is also probably "closed" and you will need to use your nickname when sending a message to that list.

But it is possible to not receive a copy of your posts even if they were accepted by the listserv This is an option on your subscription to the list -- NOACK. You can check your subscription to that listserv online at the Listserv Online Tool.

If you suspect that your listserv messages are not being delivered, contact the listserv's owner.

Listserv Email Discussion Lists has more information at using Listserv lists.

You can check your UIC Listserv subscriptions online at the Listserv Online Tool.

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September 21, 2016

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