Screen magnification on Pharos release stations

Some Pharos release stations - typically in high traffic areas - have MAGic screen magnification software running on them.  This software has been installed as an Accessibility resource provided for students who are visually impaired.

Pharos stations in the following locations have been deployed with MAGic software:

  • GRC 105
  • SCE 401
  • SEL 2265
  • SPHPI B34
  • SSB 2300

Basic Usage

  • Press 'CTRL'+'ALT'+'Z' to launch MAGic. Pharos stations run on rather old hardware, so it may take a while to launch.
  • Use 'CTRL'+'-' to decrease the level of magnification. Use 'CTRL'+'=' to increase the level of magnification.
  • MAGic should be closed if nobody is actively using it. If the application's window gets hidden behind the Pharos screen, you can use ALT+TAB to switch to MAGic's window then ALT+F4 to close it.
  • If you see Pharos stations that look 'weird' in any of the labs that MAGic is installed in, it may be because MAGic is running with a very high level of magnification. Use 'CTRL'+'-' to decrease the level of magnification until you can see what you're doing, then close MAGic.
    • Alternatively, you can just reboot the machine.

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Last updated: 

February 20, 2012

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