Telecom repair

Repair/Trouble Reporting Number: 6-7171

NOTE: If you are using a single-line phone or ancillary equipment such as a modem, answering machine or fax machine, please replace the phone and cord or test the line by unplugging the ancillary equipment before calling repair. A $55.90 MINIMUM CHARGE APPLIES IF A TECHNICIAN IS DISPATCHED PLUS MATERIAL IF THE PROBLEM IS FOUND IN THE SINGLE-LINE PHONE OR ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT.

Please be prepared to provide the following information when placing a repair report:

   1. Telephone number (or data circuit number)
   2. Building name or address
   3. Room number
   4. Jack number (for locations wired with A/B jacks)
   5. Type of phone (singe line or multi-line)
   6. Description of the problem
   7. Contact person(first and last name), room number and telephone number

Local, suburb, long distance and international problems must provide the following additional information:

  • Called number (including area code)
  • Called city and state
  • Time call was made
  • Number of attempts made
  • What kind of telephone company recording heard (if applicable)
  • Name and telephone number of person reporting the problem

If the line or equipment was affected by a recent Telecommunications Services Order, please supply the Telecommunication Requisition No. AS-XXXXX and the completion date, if available.

ACCC will make every attempt to resolve the problem within one business day.

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January 17, 2012

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