Using Synthesis AG's Todo+Cal+Sync iPhone application

The lack of direct SyncML sync to iCal on the iPhone is because Apple won't let third party software interact with iCal. Synthesis AG got tired of waiting for this to change, and decided to make their own calendar and task application; Todo+Cal+Sync is the result.

There are only two problems:

  • Because it doesn't use iCal on the iPhone, it doesn't alarm you to let you know when events are happening.
  • Like SyncJe, Todo+Cal+Sync handled my 'Day Events' incorrectly; it created a new copy on the previous day each and every time it is synced. If you are concerned with Daily Events or Daily Notes, it's not advised to use this software.

Oh, and it has a third problem also, it is $14.99.

Two display quirks:

  • You can only get to the Sync screen from the Day, Week, and Todo views, by tapping the double arrow equal-sign Sync icon in the upper left of the screens.
  • There are links on the Synthesis AG - SyncML products for iPhone and iPod Touch page to PDF files with info on how to use the product. The two-page Short Reference is useful; there are lots of stuff on each Todo+Cal+Sync screen. To enter the settings you need to go to the Sync page (Day or Todo view, tap the double-arrow equal-sign icon in the upper left), then tap Settings at the bottom.

Settings -> Server Settings -> Server, URL:

Settings -> Server Settings -> Server, SymcML version: SymcML 1.1

Settings -> Server Settings -> Server, Ignore SSL errors: I have this ON; it works for me.

Settings -> Server Settings -> Server Login, User: your UIC NetID, and Password:, your ACCC common password

Settings -> Contacts, Sync Mode : Slow Sync the first time, Normal after that

Settings -> Contacts, Server Path: ./Contacts

Settings -> Todos, Sync Mode : Slow Sync the first time, Normal after that

Settings -> Todos, Server Path: ./Calendar/Tasks

Settings -> Calendar, Sync Mode : Slow Sync the first time, Normal after that

Settings -> Calendar, Server Path: ./Calendar/Events

And I suggest that you do turn the Date Range Limit ON and select a reasonable range to sync. The sync will fail if you try to sync too much at a time.  Tap Done.

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September 21, 2016

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