What are the limits on using multiple nodes and cores on Argo?

Argo has been decommissioned.

For more information on High Performance Computing see https://acer.uic.edu

Maximum number of nodes a student may use in the student_short queue: 

qmgr -c "list queue student_short" | grep resources_max.nodect

Maximum number of processors a student may request for the job: 

qmgr -c "list queue student_short" | grep resources_max.ncpus

To see other policies (rules) of the student_short queue: 

qmgr -c "list queue student_short"

The samples use the student_short queue. You may substitute the name of other queues (student_medium, student_long, staff, dedicated) to get the corresponding settings for them:

qmgr -c "list queue staff" | grep resources_max.nodect
qmgr -c "list queue staff" | grep resources_max.ncpus
qmgr -c "list queue staff"

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November 16, 2018

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