What is the email address for my GoogleApps@UIC account?

Everyone at UIC has a UIC email address of the form: NetID@uic.edu. For Ada Byron, whose student NetID is abyron1, this is: abyron1@uic.eduThis is an important email address, because all official UIC email will be sent to it. But it is just an email address; there isn't an email account to go with it. At some point or other, you will have to select an actual email account to receive and manage your NetID@uic.edu email.

Will your NetID@uic.edu email go to your Google Apps at UIC account?

  • Yes, probably, if this is your first ACCC account.
  • Yes, certainly, if you have changed the forwarding of your NetID@uic.edu email address to your GoogleApps@UIC account.
  • Otherwise, no. And this might be how you want it. You can use the other features of GoogleApps@UIC without having your NetID@uic.edu email being sent there.
  • Not sure which applies to you? Want to change where your NetID@uic.edu email goes? Use Change NetID@uic.edu email forwarding address to check and/or to change the forwarding to any of your accounts, on-campus or off-campus, including your GoogleApps@UIC account.

Your GoogleApps@UIC account also has its own direct email address: NetID@gmail.uic.edu.

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September 21, 2016

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