What is SMIL?

SMIL is a W3C standard similar to HTML. It is a tag-language, one of many in the XML family. Different from HTML, it is case-sensitive, and pretty much everything should be lower case. SMIL is used to integrate different kinds of media into a coherent time-based presentation. All media have to be created separately — SMIL just controls their playback. It's tasks can be split into the following areas:

  • layout: definition of areas for video, images, text
  • source media: the building blocks for the presentation
  • timing: start/end or duration for each media clip
  • interactivity: hyperlinks, anchors, imagemaps
  • switches: select streams depending on external factors
  • Creating SMIL
SMIL is a tag-based language similar to HTML, so you can write it with a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad or use an HTML tag-editor.

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July 17, 2012

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