What is the storage quota on my GoogleApps@UIC account?

Google's page on storage limits has details on email quotas and how to permanently delete messages. Your quota is shared between your GoogleApps@UIC Gmail, Drive, and Google+ account.

Note that email in your Trash and Sent mailboxes do apply to your GoogleApps@UIC quota. Email that has been in your Gmail Trash folder for 30 days will be automatically permanently deleted, but you can also permanently delete email yourself, by moving it to your Trash mailbox and then deleting it from there.

If you have older email that does not have to be at your fingertips at all times, you have two options. You can either archive it, which still counts toward your quota but removes it from your inbox or you could download it to your personal computer for storage and delete it from GoogleApps@UIC.

​Your current total space used for electronic mail and email attachments is given at the bottom of all gmail.uic.edu email Web pages.

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June 19, 2013

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