What should I do if my VoIP phone isn't working?

Phone does not appear to be "on"

If you see no indicators or information on your telephone's LCD screen please check to make sure that the telephone is plugged into your data jack. In most instances your phone should be able to receive power over your data connection. If your phone is securely plugged in to your offices ethernet jack and is still not receiving power then you may need a power brick. Please use "Report Problem" if your phone appears to not have power.

No dialtone

Check to make sure that your phone is connected via a network cable to your offices data jack (ethernet jack). If your phone is connected and receiving power you should be able to read an error message on your telephones LCD screen.

Receiving error message about "Registration is rejected" or any other problem not solved by above

Please submit your message through "Report Problem".

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February 07, 2013

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