Where can I find statistical software patches?

Commercial software, as it is currently written, is never "perfect" when released. As software companies learn about defects in their products, they periodically make patches available at their web sites. We at ACCC cannot maintain a library of the constant flow of patches advertised by statistical software manufacturers. We suggest that you periodically visit the vendor's web site to see if there are patches available for your software. Make certain that you only apply patches appropriate to the exact version of software that you have installed. Software manufacturers tend to use more "upbeat" terminology to describe their patches, and each vendor uses different terminology. If you are uncertain when navigating through a company's menu, try looking first under "support". Sometimes a company will create a bundle of patches. This bundle is usually called a service pack.

SAS Institute Inc. calls its patches "hotfixes", and maintains a web page devoted to them at: http://ftp.sas.com/techsup/download/hotfix/hotfix.html

SPSS Inc. maintains its patches at: http://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/Downloads/Software/SPSS/SPSS_Statistcs. You will need to log in. Use the user name "guest" and the password "guest". Choose "Patches & Utilities".

StataCorp (Stata) maintains "software updates" at: http://www.statacorp.com/support/updates/

Starting on November 13, 2011, each IBM client accessing Fix Central (whether through their employees or other authorized representatives) will require an individual IBM ID to download fixes for a limited number of additional product areas (including AIX and VIOS).  This requirement will be expanded to additional products in the future.  The registration process will be quick and simple and will provide users with a customized experience to better serve their needs.  Fix Central downloads are available only for IBM subscription and support.  Sofware code, samples, updates and fixes being accessed on this website (collectively, the Code) are subject to the terms of the license agreements which govern the use of the associated Code.

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