Windows XP Device Remediation

As you are most likely aware, Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP after the patches released on April 8, 2014 and it is widely anticipated that hackers will begin to target machines running Windows XP soon after.

Network security liaisons have been notified about any devices connected to the network still running Windows XP. To ensure the security of your data and your network, devices running Windows XP need to be remediated immediately.

In most cases, remediation will consist of the decommissioning and the proper disposal of the computer. Upgrading the computer to a newer, supported version of the Windows operating system is likely to be impractical in most cases due to outdated hardware.

Medical/Research Devices: We recognize that there may be some medical or research devices that cannot be decommissioned or upgraded yet must be kept active since they are essential and no replacement is available. In these situations network access should be removed from the device to ensure that it cannot be compromised via the network. If it is critical that the device have network access to communicate with other devices on the network, it should be placed on a private network without internet access.

For devices you have been contacted about, you must send an email to with the action being taken to address the computer in question. If you have questions regarding special cases, please send an email to to the same address with the machine information listed below, a description of your question and we will reply as soon as possible.

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April 09, 2014

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