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Blackboard Learn is a web application that allows the creation, administration, tracking, and delivery of digital content via course sites. This type of application is also referred to as a Learning Management System or LMS. At UIC, Blackboard Learn course sites are used in three main ways:

  1. for the enhancement of face-to-face instruction,
  2. as an important component of content delivery for blended courses, and
  3. as a core element delivering and assessing learning in online courses. 

GoogleApps@UIC is a suite of tools used for communication and collaboration. It includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Groups and Google Calendar.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students
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Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service that works on PCs, Macs, mobile and tablet devices and provides access to your files from any location for collaboration with other University users or external parties.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The ACCC Service Desk offers general support services for ACCC services via email, walk-in, and phone. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The UIC community wireless network identifies itself as UIC-WiFi. Visitors to UIC may be eligible to use UIC-Guest or eduroam. UIC-WiFi uses WPA2 Enterprise Security. WPA2 Enterprise implements the 802.11i security standard, which includes government-grade AES encryption and 802.1x authentication. The specific authentication method that we use with PEAP-MSCHAPv2.

UIC-Guest is used by non-UIC visitors on our campus. To give users temporary Guest access please visit the Guest Wireless page.

eduroam is a World Wide wireless network. A user can connect to eduroam on UIC’s campus after first connecting at their home institution.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Formed in 2016, the Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) team brings together the instructional design and software support aspects of the Instructional Technology Lab, with the classroom and computer lab technology support of the Learning Environments & Technology Services office. This group works to improve your experience as an instructor here at UIC by providing a central point of contact for all of your learning technology needs.


To enhance student success and faculty empowerment through learning technologies.

Audience: Faculty, Students

Telecommunications provides general information about telecommunications services, customer service orders, cell phones, pagers as well as consulting for large-scale engineering projects.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Starting Summer 2018, ACCC is piloting a new printing solution through a partnership with Wepa! Read more about this exciting new approach to printing!

U-Print is the campus-wide printing system. U-Print is available in ACCC computer labs and in certain department locations. You can also use U-Print to print from your personal computer or mobile device, making it easy to print when you want, and where you want.

Audience: Students, IT

UICalendar is a calendar and scheduling tool that allows users to manage and coordinate appointments, events, and tasks on the web or any CalDav compliant client. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

ACCC Satellite Services Helpdesk provides hands-on technical support for personal computers and other devices of UIC students, staff, and faculty. Support is available for connecting to campus networks, including UIC-WiFi, virus removal, and installing campus-licensed software.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

ACCC provides a variety of training formats, including self-paced online video tutorials, workshops and one-on-one consulting.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The Virtual Private Network service allows you to securely access resources at UIC over a non-UIC Internet connection. While connected to the VPN, the client software works with the operating system to determine when you are accessing an Internet location that the client should protect. When you are accessing such a location, the VPN client encrypts the data.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The ACCC provides a personal University email address to all current students, staff and faculty. The email address is in the format and can be used in conjunction with any of the email services provided by the ACCC (GoogleApps@UIC, and Exchange), or forwarded to an existing non-University email address.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT
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Qualtrics is a sophisticated, easy to use web-based service for creating, publishing, and analyzing survey data. Qualtrics offers advanced options and is highly customizable.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT, ACCC

Starting October 17th, UIC faculty, staff, and students will be asked to set-up new password recovery options at the time of the next password change for their UIC NetID. Once each user has completed this step, their passwords for Campus NetIDs and Enterprise IDs will be the same. For more information about the One ID & Password (OIDPW) project please see

UIC NetID is an identifier used to access many university services. Identity and Access Management includes authentication, provisioning of services and consultation for obtaining UIC NetIDs, establishing non-personal email addresses for University business, NetID changes, and troubleshooting related to university identities. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Campus computer labs are available to UIC students, staff, faculty and authorized guests. Several of the labs are available for reservation for instruction or special events. There are some labs that are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. In addition to general use labs, ACCC manages labs with access limited to a certain group, such as residence hall residents or students in a particular college.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

The UIC Directory is an online directory of current UIC students, faculty and staff. The Directory also includes a complete listing of campus units and unit rosters.

Office 365 is a free suite of programs that includes Office applications. There are two ways that you can use Office 365.  You can work in the cloud by using Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote Online and more. In addition, you can install all of the same apps locally on up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 mobile devices.
Faculty and staff may still use a local version of Office Professional by installing the Campus Agreement offer for University-owned computers through the WebStore.

Exchange online is the common email and calendar solution that is available to faculty and staff.  This is a separate service from Office 365.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Network Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round to monitor the campus network, the ACCC's mission-critical systems, and services;  to receive reports of system problems; and to pass important information on via the ACCC News and Alerts.

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A listserv email list is an email-based list of subscribers, which can be used as a discussion group, a distribution list or a group or campus unit email address.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

For web and media publishing needs, choose from personal or group and departmental web publishing options on, or

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The ACCC provides multimedia equipment for a variety of uses:

  • Students may check out laptops and other multimedia equipment for three days at a time, at no cost, from several locations on campus.
    • Laptops are limited to three total checkouts per semester, in order to ensure the limited supply of laptops is available to as many students as possible.
  • Faculty may reserve or check out laptops and other multimedia equipment for use in a specific class session, at no cost, from the ACCC-LTS Support office.
  • Faculty may check out multimedia equipment for three days at a time, at no cost, from the ACCC-LTS Multimedia Lab.
  • Students, faculty, or staff can rent multimedia equipment for scheduled events, for a fee. Details of this service are found at the Event Support (Audio/Visual) service page.
Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Res-Net is the computer network access available in UIC residence halls. The Res-Net connection provides access to the internet.

Audience: Students

All buildings on the UIC campus are connected to the UIC campus backbone network, which connects UIC to the Internet through three Internet service providers.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

UIC Alert is an optional free service that allows UIC officials to send text messages to your mobile phone or any text message capable device in the case of a campus emergency.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The ACCC hosts two types of local database servers for use by individuals, departments, or other campus groups: MySQL and MSSQL. Both are relational database management systems (RDBMS) that support multiple databases and that allow multiple people to access each one.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing is a virtual learning environment to facilitate real-time online learning. This Web conferencing system is accessed through Blackboard Learn and empowers Blackboard Learn instructors and TAs to create individual (and repeat Web Conferencing sessions) on their own with out requesting a session to be created or activated. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Network services are provided for wired and wireless networks.  Network access is provided in student residences, academic, and administrative buildings.  

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The UIC Events Calendar was developed to post Events and Classified Ads electronically via the Web. It makes it easy to post brief items on the Web, and, if you wish, to send a one line summary of the item to the audience who will be most interested in it.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT
C-stop Logo

C-stop is a modern new space for students at UIC. For more information, please visit


  • C-Stop BSB
    Behavioral Sciences Building
    1007 West Harrison Street
    BSB Learning Center, First Floor
    Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm
  • C-Stop LHS 
    Library of the Health Sciences
    1750 W. Polk Street
    Library of the Health Sciences, First Floor
    Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 7:00pm
Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

ACCC works diligently to improve and maintain instructional technology available to students, faculty and staff in classrooms and computer labs on campus. Classroom support is provided through our Learning Environments & Technology Services office, which is centrally located in the East Side of campus to provide a single point of contact for any classroom support needs. Campus computer labs are available to UIC students, staff, faculty and authorized guests. Several of the labs are available for reservation for instruction or special events.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

ACCC Security's mission is to protect the UIC community from active and potential security threats.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

There are daily data usage limitations on the use of Res-Net and the UIC public wireless networks on campus, as well as other restrictions, which are described in UIC Wireless and Res-Net Policy.

ACCC provides support to the UIC community via email, phone, in-person consultation and on-site service calls.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT
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The UIC Mobile App is available as a free download from the Apple store for iOS or from Google Play for Android. There is also a mobile version of the app available at Students, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective students, and anyone interested in learning more about UIC can use this app to stay connected while on the go.

Massmail is a type of bulk email message sent to current UIC students, faculty or staff who are subscribed to Massmail.  Content of the messages is restricted to events on campus or events sponsored by campus units. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

UIC offers two options for instant messaging, Blackboard Instant Messenger and Jabber. Below you will find the details of each option as you choose the best communication tool for your needs. 

Blackboard Instant Messenger (formerly known as Pronto) is a free instant messaging and voice chat tool that allows students and instructors to spontaneously meet live, online at any time to discuss their coursework. Blackboard Instant Messenger works with Blackboard Learn to automatically populate students' contact lists with their classmates' names, thereby making it easy for students, faculty and teaching staff to spontaneously collaborate live online. Blackboard Instant Messenger can also be used as a regular modern Instant Messenger, outside of Blackboard on Windows and Mac systems.

Jabber is an open source instant messaging system available to all UIC students, faculty and staff. Jabber client software is available for all the major operating systems, including tablets and smartphones.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, ACCC

UIC and the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) have made available, with the use of the IT technology fee, an extended laptop lending program called ACCCELL, the ACCC's Extended Laptop Loan. The goal of the ACCCELL program is to provide those students in need of this technology, a loaner laptop to use during their tenure at UIC to assist in their academic success.

Audience: Students

Computers and other devices can be filtered and suspended from campus use for many reasons.  Computers are routinely filtered for any of the use excessive bandwidth, violation of the ACCC Acceptable Use Policy, violation of Res-Net terms of service or due to a virus or infection detected.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The ACCC offers a set of tools that users can use to create and collaboratively share information. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

The Academic Multimedia Lab of the Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) team provides in-depth assistance in multimedia digitizing and conversion, from scanning photographs and slides, to digitizing video clips, transferring VHS video tapes to DVDs, or creating streaming video clips well-suited for web distribution.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

Network Scanning is a scan engine with a web-based interface that can be used to perform an external scan of your computer system. This comprehensive scan looks for potential vulnerabilities that could be used by remote attackers to control or access sensitive data on a system.  

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Each student Residence Hall room is provided with at least one telephone line. A ResPhone Account and password enables you to direct-dial off campus for domestic and international service.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

ACCC maintains and operates the StarTel campus-wide public security system. The system is best identified as the 8-foot, blue-light bollards or posts located throughout the public walkways on the East and West campus. StarTel units offer direct access to the UIC Police Department; press the red call button to call for assistance.

High Performance Computing is available through the ACCC ACER group. For more information visit

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

The ACCC offers several methods for departments or individuals to send mass communication. Tools are available for standard informational messages to be send to a variety of audiences. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Charge your electronic device securely while on the go. Bring your charger and plug your device into a recharging locker.

Audience: Students

ACCC offers Web Conferencing solutions through Blackboard Collaborate, Cisco Webex, and Google Hangouts.

Hosting Meeting Places Blackboard Collaborate  Cisco Webex Google Hangouts
Who Can Host Faculty Staff & Faculty Everyone
Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Search. Click. Done. ONE.UIC ( is a mobile friendly tool providing easy navigation and access to campus services.

ONE.UIC serves as UIC’s primary solution for finding relevant services, tools, resources and support online. To personalize your experience, simply log in to with your UIC NetID and password.

Get quick access to tools like Blackboard, Box, Outlook and Google Drive, or learn more about campus services like Printing, Wireless Network, Professional Development and Training, Equipment Lending, and Media Conversion, among others.

To learn more about ONE.UIC, watch this video

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students