Voice Tools

Blackboard Collaborate Voice Tools function within Blackboard Learn with only a microphone needed to interact with the software. In many virtual learning environments student and instructor communication is limited to text and static images.  Important elements of face-to-face communication are missing from text-based discussions. Voice Tools recapture these elements, contributing to greater clarity and understanding. Voice discussions, announcements and podcasts promote active participation in the classroom.

Voice Tools are a web-based voice/audio solution that facilitates and promotes vocal instruction, collaboration, and assessment. Voice Tools support traditional communicative styles of language learning by giving students multiple methods of speaking, writing, and listening – all online.
Voice Tools incorporates the use of threaded voice boards, voice-enabled email, embedded voice within course pages, as well as live group discussions and debates, which increase the interaction and student engagement level of any online course.

Voice Discussion Boards

Speak and read a language at the same time, or simply create threaded voice discussions about any subject. Great for brainstorming and collaborating on almost any topic in any language, instructors and students can post vocal messages with accompanying text into the voice-based message boards. Discuss multiple subjects at once by dividing new topics into their own threads. 

Embedded Voice within Course Pages

Easily add listening exercises and voice messages into any Blackboard Learn course page. The Wimba Voice Tools incorporate a small recorder and playback feature that can be placed within a Blckboard Learn page allowing instructors to verbally explain complex ideas, post assignments, or simply highlight important ideas that will be discussed in upcoming lessons. 

Voice-Enabled E-Mail

Students and instructors can send vocal email messages to anyone, and recipients simply reply by sending their own voice email. Voice emails are particularly useful for role-playing activities and question and answer sessions. 

Voice Podcaster

Create or upload podcasts for user subscription.

Voice Presentation

Add web content alongside vocal messages.


For More Information

Visit the Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring website for more information.

Last updated: 

June 07, 2016