The Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows you to securely access resources at UIC over a non-UIC Internet connection. While connected to the VPN, the client software works with the operating system to determine when you are accessing an Internet location that the client should protect. When you are accessing such a location, the VPN client encrypts the data. 

There are two group options when connecting to AnyConnect: General-Use and Library-Resources.

Allows you to connect to your UIC department resources, such as research data sets. You can still access most library resources through the library website, but you will have to authenticate with your NetID and password (the way it works when you are off-campus).  A few library resources can be accessed only on campus -- for those resources, you must use the Library-Resources group.

Gives you direct access to library electronic resources such as full-text articles from Google Scholar, JSTOR or PubMed, and on-campus only resources without logging in to each database.

Why are there two groups?

Logging in to the Library-Resources group may slow down your network connection. Because the library resources are external to UIC, all internet traffic will have to be routed through the VPN. This creates overhead by encrypting and decrypting all data sent over the internet.  The General-Use group will only send data sent to on-campus IP addresses through the VPN, thus incurring much less overhead.

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Qualtrics is a sophisticated, easy to use web-based service for creating, publishing, and analyzing survey data. Qualtrics offers advanced options and is highly customizable.

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The UIC Mobile App is available as a free download from the Apple store for iOS or from Google Play for Android. There is also a mobile version of the app available at Students, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective students, and anyone interested in learning more about UIC can use this app to stay connected while on the go.

High Performance Computing is available through the ACCC ACER group. For more information visit

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The Secure Computing Environment (SCE) is a secure environment that mitigates the risks of working with ePHI (electronic personal health information) and other types of high-risk data. The SCE eases the burden on the researcher of having to configure and assure that their computational work environment has been configured with the appropriate security controls and to minimize the risk of exposing high risk data. The SCE makes it easier for researchers to implement necessary safeguards for research that is subject to regulatory or compliance requirements, including but not limited to, HIPAA, FISMA, Personal Information Protection Act of Illinois and other grant specific regulations.

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