Designing Your Blackboard Course

If you are new to teaching online, be sure to review the module Elements of Course Design in the tutorial Basic Steps of Teaching Online. In the module Elements of Course Design, you will learn how to write measurable learning objectives, its purpose in the quality of the course, and how to align objectives, activities, and assessments. The Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) in collaboration with Academic Partnership has created a Blackboard template that uses quality design principles to help guide your online course design work.

Students become more motivated and engaged when courses are designed and integrated with significant learning goals.

Dee Fink  |  The Power of Course Design to Increase Student Engagement and Learning

Take a Look at Blackboard Exemplary Courses

Below is an example of how a full course in Blackboard looks like. You can tour other previously recognized Exemplary Blackboard courses here.

2017 Blackboard Exemplary Course Award Winner: EAD505 Adult Learning Theory (5:33)

2014 Blackboard Catalyst Award Winner: CO230 Introduction to Telecommunications (9:23)