Current Support Operations

Please be aware that, due to the current SEIU Local 73 strike, support response times will be slower than normal. Thank you for your understanding.

Restore an Archived Course Request

Blackboard courses that are over 3 years old are archived every June. Courses indicated as continuing, as work sites, or newer than 3 years old will be retained and excluded from archival. Courses are NOT deleted; they are simply removed from Blackboard and saved as files in Blackboard’s systems. Courses are available for restoration upon request.

Fill out the form below to request your course be restored to Blackboard. Please note that you must be an instructor of the course in order to receive access to it.

After submitting your request, you will receive an email with a list of CourseIDs and matching course names that are associated with your UIC email address. Please respond with the course(s) that you would like restored.

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