Gmail is the Google-powered email service. Gmail can be accessed via the web client or desktop and mobile native clients. To get started using Gmail, you must create a GoogleApps@UIC account. Before the account can be created, you must agree to the GoogleApps@UIC Terms of Use.

Getting Started

  • What is the email address of my GoogleApps@UIC account?
  • All Gmail accounts in GoogleApps@UIC have an email address of: where "NetID" is the UIC NetID of the person owning the account.
  • You can, optionally, set Gmail up in your GoogleApps@UIC account to receive email sent to: where "NetID" is your UIC NetID.
  • Can I read my ​GoogleApps@UIC gmail with my phone or other email program?
  • Yes, You can set up GoogleApps@UIC Gmail in exactly the same way as you would any other Gmail account. Using GoogleApps@UIC with Other Programs and Devices has instructions.
  • But you must change your ACCC password once before you can do this if you haven't changed your password in the last 2 years.
  • And you must use your (where "NetID" is your UIC NetID) as your username.
  • Of course, you can always access GoogleApps@UIC on the web.

Copying Existing Email and Contacts to Gmail


Using Gmail

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October 16, 2016