Information Technology Technical Associate (Knowledge Analyst)

Deadline to apply: 
April 23, 2018
Category: Civil Service

The Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) is seeking an IT Technical Associate (Knowledge Analyst).

The Academic Computing and Communications Center is an agile organization, with a collaborative and team centered environment that provides IT leadership, academic technology infrastructure and services at University of Illinois at Chicago. We excel at supporting 40,000 staff, faculty and students across a diverse and comprehensive university in the heart of Chicago. Our services include campus wide networking, teaching and learning, identity and access management, communications, research computing, IT security, application development, web services, compliance and more.

Under the general supervision of the Assistant Director of Communications within the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC), this position is primarily responsible for overseeing ACCC’s Knowledge Management process. This position is responsible for supporting ACCC staff developing, sharing and effectively using organizational learning and knowledge to improve ACCC’s wide activities, current practice and future developments. Additionally, this position will create, curate, and maintain a repository of information and knowledge to facilitate the support services provided to ACCC’s end-users. The Knowledge Analyst will work closely with internal staff and ACCC Service Owners to ensure that information and knowledge is accurate and useful. The Knowledge Analyst will manage the day-to-day activity of ACCC Knowledge Base (KB) content management, sharing and collaboration platform. This job balances technical skills, business knowledge, troubleshooting expertise, and excellent writing skills.

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April 05, 2018